High-intensity pulsed erbium laser with the function of repair stimulation of biological tissues. Innovative patented RECO™ technology allows repairing tissues with age-related and various pathological changes.
Effective and safe treatment methods for various fields of medicine.


RECOVERUM™ generation modes

Spatially modulated ablation (SMA)

The patented technology of repair stimulation .


Layer-by-layer soft tissues evaporation without thermal damage to the underlying tissues.


Evaporation of soft tissues with a controlled depth of coagulation.

Supplementary devices

Nozzle for non-contact tissue removal by ablation and vaporization

Contact end-type SMA-module for superficial repair stimulation treatments

Contact radial SMA-module for intravaginal treatment

All devices intended for contact use, have a set of replaceable and removable parts for cleaning and sterilization.

Unique laser technologies for aesthetic treatments and women's health

Aesthetic treatments

Treatment of age-related skin atrophy

  • The skin becomes firm, more elastic, the colour and texture are improved, age-related hyperpigmentation and rosacea are reduced.
    • on any part of the body
    • anaesthesia-free
    • no restrictions on insolation
    • 4-6 days downtime
    • no limit on the number of sessions

Scar treatment

  • Functional and aesthetic tissue repair
    • surgical scars
    • burn scars
    • acne scars
    • striae

Removal of benign tumors, skin lesion and growths

  • Non-contact evaporation with excellent visual control of the removed tissue.
    • dermatofibroma
    • papilloma
    • sebaceous hyperplasia
    • seborrheic keratosis
    • pigmented naevus


Treatment of vaginal atrophy

    • reduction in symptoms after one session
    • anaesthesia-free

For additional information, please, contact the LINLINE expert.

Treatment of chronic wounds and skin inflammations


Treatment of non-healing postoperative wounds

  • 2-3 RECO™ procedures are sufficient to prepare the wound for secondary suturing for patients with a high risk of non-healing:
    • immunosuppressive therapy
    • diabetes
    • oncology
    • nosocomial infection

Decubitus ulcer treatment

  • Stimulation of tissue repair
    • reduction of rehabilitation time
    • no anesthesia required

Laser debridement of postoperative wounds

  • Er:YAG laser ablation is a superior alternative to sharp debridement. Laser debridement allows:
    • decrease procedural pain
    • reduce bioburden
    • potentially improve overall healing


Treatment of venous, arterial and neurotrophic ulcers

    • reduction of pain syndrome after the first procedure
    • complete healing without antibiotic therapy

Psoriasis treatment

    • decrease of the clinical manifestations after 1 procedure
    • non-traumatic and does not require anesthesia

Treatment of burn wounds and frostbite damaged tissues

  • RECO™ allows to restore fully functional tissues, since the regeneration process covers both soft tissues and vascular and lymphatic systems.

For additional information, please, contact the LINLINE expert.

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