Our Technology

Unique light for unique tasks

Adjustable train of laser pulses

Highly effective selective photothermolysis

The unique technical solution allows to generate a train of ultrashort (Q-switched) laser pulses in a single flash

This type of laser generation has a combined photothermal and photomechanical effect on biological tissues. The precise number, shape, and frequency of pulses as well as the use of several wavelengths in one train of pulses allow achieving the ultra-selective effect on the essential biological chromophores.

Spatially modulated laser ablation

RecoSMA™ - stimulation of reparative regeneration

We have developed a unique method of the spatial distribution of laser beam that is to induce repair of biological tissues by physical microdamage of cellular structures.

This microdamage is local and non-thermal in nature and does not create an open wound surface thus reducing the risk of infection and shortening downtime.

Clinical studies have shown the high effectiveness of this method in the repair of all the structures of biological tissues including soft tissues, vascular and lymphatic systems. Stimulation of the regenerative process allows repairing tissues with age-related and severe pathological changes.