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Endoscopic laser surgery for tracheal stenosis

Today, the use of laser scalpels for the treatment of stenosis is a widespread surgical practice. However, it is generally accepted that laser treatment can only provide a temporary effect. This statement is based on many years of experience in the use of laser radiation with unoptimized parameters - excessive overheating of the surrounding tissues leads to a subsequent fibrosis growing in the affected area.

The MULTILINE™ Nd:YAP laser scalpel allows to limit the thermal destruction area by the volume of stenosis to vaporize stenosis without stimulating the growth of fibrous tissue.

The method of laser vaporization used in the MULTILINE™ device allows for more gentle treatment sessions for stenosis. So, when vaporizing tracheal stenosis, patients note a complete absence of pain during the operation. In addition, due to the localization of the thermal destruction area, there is no postoperative tracheal edema and does not require intubation.

Vaporization of tracheal stanosys: before and 1 week after treatment
MULTILINE Nd:YAP laser 1.44 µm

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