Treatment of pediatric hemangiomas
Open prospective study

New technology for coagulation of dilated vessels using the combined effects of several modes of generation and wavelengths in one laser pulse for the treatment of pediatric hemangiomas: Open prospective study

Tatyana V. Trapeznikova* | Tatyana P. Pisklakova** | Vladimir V. Khomchenko** | Natalia G. Kalashnikova** | Torello Lotti**** | Mohammad Jafferany*****

An open, prospective, nonrandomized study of 122 children with infantile hemangiomas aged 1 to 24 months was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of treatment with multiline laser equipment using the Nd:YAP Q-Sw/KTP emitters with the combined use of two wavelengths of 1079/540 nm. The average age of the children was (6.3 ± 0.3) months, 22 of them were boys (18.0%) and 100 were girls (82.0%). An erythometry and ultrasound examination were performed to determine the depth of the neoplasm, to assess its blood flow, and the presence and diameter of the supply vessels. Studies of these indicators were conducted for patients before and after the treatment. Laser treatment was performed on 109 patients with 119 hemangiomas. A total of 81 superficial hemangiomas underwent a short course of laser therapy (2-5 procedures) and remaining patients with 38 combined hemangiomas received a long course of laser treatment, consisting of 6 to 10 procedures. Restoration of normal color, skin relief, and the absence of scars were noted in post treatment sample on evaluation. After the course of treatment, erythometry readings corresponded to the values of normal skin and decreased to 110 to 80 cu. Ultrasound examination showed vascular formation and feed vessels were not visualized.

Department of Dermatology, FSBOU VPO “Southern Ural State Medical University”,Chelyabinsk, Russia | **Scientific Department, Linline Medical System, Minsk, Republic of Belarus | ***Department of Dermatology, Linline Clinic Chain, Dermatology, Moscow, Russia |  **** Department of Dermatology, University G. Marconi of Rome, Dermatology and Venereology, Rome, Italy |  ***** College of Medicine, Central Michigan University, Saginaw, Michigan

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