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Patented technique for treating age-related skin atrophy

RecoSMA™ , the new deep-impact method for skin restoration and rejuvenation, is based on the erbium laser’s effect. Upon passing through a special SMA nozzle, the laser beam is spatially divided so that when it reaches the skin, it results in insignificant microablation on the epidermal surface and multiple areas of microdamage in the deeper layers of the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous cellular structure.

The small size of microtrauma areas, the lack of direct contact between the treated area and the external environment as well as the completely NON-thermal nature of the influence create the conditions for a most powerful regeneration effect.

The laser rejuvenation procedure makes it possible to rejuvenate (restore) skin cover on any part of the body, even in trophic disorder cases. After the rejuvenation procedure, the skin becomes firmer and more elastic, its color and texture even out; age-related hyperpigmentation, couperouse, and telangiectasias are reduced.

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RecoSMA™ Features

Anesthesia is not necessary

There is no risk of scarring

Does not cause changes in natural skin pigmentation

No extensive wound surface

No restrictions on insolation before and after the procedure

No limit on the number of procedures

Fastest rehabilitation after the procedure

Clinical results