Soft tissue removal

Contact and non-contact methods

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Ablation and vaporisation techniques

Two approaches to the soft tissue removal

Two methods of soft tissue removal are implemented in the laser platform MULTILINE:

Er:YAG laser ablation - Non-contact layer-by-layer evaporation of soft tissues without coagulation of the underlying layers.

Nd:YAP laser vaporisation - Contact and non-contact evaporation of soft tissues with the adjustable coagulation depth and hemostasis.

Related technique:

Ablation treatment for soft tissue removal

Excellent visual control of tissue removal

Minimal injury to the underlying tissues

Short recovery time

Vaporisation treatment for soft tissue removal

Wide choice of radiation wavelengths

The ability to adjust the cutting and coagulation properties during the procedure

The minimal risk of complications due to the adjustable coagulation depth

Reduced risk of infection due to the protective zone of coagulation

Clinical results