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Clinical Trials

Clinical Benefit of Using a Multifractional Er:YAG Laser Combined With a Spatially Modulated Ablative (SMA) Module for the Treatment of Striae Distensae: A Prospective Pilot Study in 20 Patients

November 2018 — 252 views Clinical Trial RecoSMA

Clinical Trials

Clinical and histological results evaluation of an innovative Erbium:YAG laser technology for facial rejuvenation** Cir. plást. iberolatinoam.-Vol. 44...

June 2018 — 401 views Clinical Trial RecoSMA Rejuvenation

Case Report

Novel method for facial rejuvenation using Er:YAG laser equipped with a spatially modulated ablation module: An open prospective uncontrolled cohort ...

September 2017 — 345 views Clinical Trial RecoSMA Rejuvenation


RecoSMA ** Unique rejuvenation* On the National channel FRANCE2 Laurence Ostolaza tells about the result of skin rejuvenation using SMA ™ technology...

October 2012 — 273 views Mass Media RecoSMA Rejuvenation