Our Technology

Unordinary light for unordinary treatments

Adjustable train of nanosecond laser pulses

High-performance selective photothermolysis

The unique technical solution of our lasers allows to generate a train of ultrashort (Q-switched) laser pulses in a single flash.

This type of laser generation produces a combined photothermal and photomechanical effect on biological tissues. Due to the fine tuning of the number, shape and frequency of pulses, as well as the use of several wavelengths in one train, we achieve an ultra-selective effect on the main biological chromophores.

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Ultra-selective mode

The ultra-selective laser treatments are not traumatic, do not require anesthesia
and yields excellent clinical results.


Transdermal coagulation of enlarged blood vessels: patented ultra-selective technique.


Ultra-selective and ablative treatments of skin hyperpigmentation.


Without pain for all skin types: patented ultra-selective technique.

Spatially modulated laser ablation

Stimulation of reparative regeneration

We have developed an original method of spatial distribution of the laser beam to induce mechanical microdamage of cell structures with the aim of stimulating the reparative regeneration of biological tissues.

This injury has a local, non-thermal nature and does not create an open wound surface, which reduces the risk of infection and shortens the recovery time.

Clinical studies have shown the high efficiency of this method for the restoration of all structures of biological tissues, including soft tissues, vascular and lymphatic systems. Stimulation of the regenerative process allows tissue repair with age-related changes and serious pathological changes.

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Tissue repair mode

Laser treatment methods, based on the stimulation of repair, effectively restore biological tissues
which have age-related or pathological changes.


New deep-impact method for skin restoration and rejuvenation based on the erbium laser’s effect.


Recovery treatment for hypertrophic, keloid and acne scars. Functional and aesthetic improvement.


Treatment of purulent and non-healing wound. Debridement and repair: original patented technique.