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Technology overview

All laser techniques in a single platform

Grow your medical practice with MULTILINE

We have combined the results of 20 years of research and development of laser technology into single laser platform. The honed treatment methods and technical reliability of our lasers ensure the effectiveness and safety of all types of laser treatments.

Key features of the MULTILINE


Widest range of procedure modes, including tissue repair, tissue removal and ultra-selective modes to impact on the basic biological chromophores(water, melanin, hemoglobin)


Modular concept of the MULTILINE platform provide options to select only those lasers as you need. If you plan grow you laser practice we will provide you with the additional lasers and required physicians training.

Preset Modes

You can use preset parameters for all the treatments developed and patented by our company. Focus on the diagnosis and follow the Control Panel instructions to select the appropriate generation mode.

Safe and comfortable treatment

For convenient and accurate operation MULTILINE lasers provide well-collimated light. This means that the laser radiation parameters (spot size and energy density) do not change with the distance between the laser output and the skin surface.

You can work at a comfortable distance with the clearly visible red light beam of the pilot laser .

Lasers and modules MULTILINE

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